AMKIT Consortium

The AMKIT Consortium was founded in December 2001 to coordinate cooperation among the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) libraries in Finland. Currently, the consortium consists of 25 member institutions operating under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The UAS libraries have grown into a comprehensive network covering all of Finland. Our libraries are young and active. They react quickly to the needs of the UAS institution Library services are developed in collaboration with students, teachers and researchers, taking into account the needs of the region´s business and industry.

The AMKIT Consortium
  • coordinates joint projects of the UAS libraries
  • acts as a link between UAS libraries and the Ministry of Education and Culture, National Library of Finland and other partners
  • provides training, support and professional networks for the UAS libraries´ personnel
  • nominates UAS representatives to working groups within the library field in Finland

Mission and Vision and Values of the UAS Libraries


The AMKIT Consortium supports regional, national and international cooperation among the UAS Libraries and looks after the interests of its members.


The AMKIT Consortium advocates proactive action in variable networks of cooperation.
Libraries have a strong cooperation network.


Sense of community
Sharing of competence

Strategy 2012-2016

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