AMKIT Consortium

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What is AMKIT Consortium?

The AMKIT Consortium was founded in December 2001 to coordinate cooperation among the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) libraries in Finland. Currently, the consortium consists of 23 member institutions operating under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In addition, the Åland University of Applied Sciences in the self-governing Province of Åland and a Police College are subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior.

The UAS libraries have grown into a comprehensive network covering all of Finland. Our libraries are young and active. They react quickly to the needs of the UAS institution. Library services are developed in collaboration with students, teachers and researchers, taking into account the needs of the region´s business and industry.

The AMKIT Consortium:

  • coordinates joint projects of the UAS libraries
  • acts as a link between UAS libraries and the Ministry of Education and Culture, National Library of Finland and other partners
  • provides training, support and professional networks for the UAS libraries´ personnel
  • nominates UAS representatives to working groups within the library field in Finland

The organization of the AMKIT Consortium

The central organs of the AMKIT Consortium are the general meeting and the steering committee.

The general meeting makes the most significant resolutions in finance and activity. It convenes twice a year and each member organization is equally represented at the meeting.

The steering committee is nominated by the general meeting. It executes the resolutions made by the general meeting, nominates working groups and answers for the operations of the consortium in general. The steering committee has six members and a chair and a vice chair.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chair

  • Mira Juppi (2023–2024)

Steering Committee Vice Chair

  • Jaana Latvanen (2024–2025)
  • Marita Ahola (2024–2025)


  • Anne Holappa (2024–2025)
  • Riitta-Liisa Karjalainen (2023–2024)
  • Maija Koponen (2023–2024)
  • Jonna Vocke (2023–2024)


  • Kirsi Rönnqvist (2023–2024)

Contact information

Postal address

c/​o Savonia-ammat­tiko­rkeakoulu
Mira Juppi
PL 6 (Microkatu 1)
70201 Kuopio

Billing address for paper invoices

Reference: AMKIT-konsortio/ Hellevi Hakala
Metropolia Ammat­tiko­rkeakoulu
PL 861
00019 SSC

Billing address for electronic invoices


Operator code: 003701011385
Operator: TietoEvry Oyj