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The AMKIT Consortium coordinates cooperation among the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) libraries in Finland. The AMKIT Consortium works through its members and decision-making bodies. In addition to general meetings and a steering committee, the Consortium has several working groups with varying duties and terms of office.

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Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

The Finnish higher education system consists of two sectors: universities of applied sciences (UAS, formerly polytechnics) and research universities. The two sectors complement each other and have different kinds of missions and profiles. UASes are multidisciplinary institutions offering professionally oriented higher education in close contact with working life. With a focus on regional development, they conduct R&D which supports industries and services in the region.

Finnish UASes provide Bachelor´s level degrees which take approximately 3.5-4 years to complete, as well as UAS Master´s degrees, which are mainly targeted to those already in the working life. Many UAS institutions also offer open university of applied sciences education, professional specialization programs and other adult education.

There are 26 universities of applied sciences of which 24 operate under the Ministry of Education and Culture. The total number of UAS students is 130 000, approximately 20% of them are mature students.

Many programs and courses are offered in English. With a large number of international degree and exchange students and active participation in international cooperation, the UAS institutions are truly international.

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Arene is the Rectors’ conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. It is an important expert and influencer on professional higher education politics and it looks after the interests of the universities of applied sciences. Arene’s main goals are to strengthen the dual system in the Finnish higher education field and to promote closer cooperation between the universities of applied sciences.