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Working groups

AMKIT Consortium’s steering committee has set up working groups to plan and coordinate cooperation and joint projects.

At present there are working groups in the following areas:

  • E-resources
  • Library system development
  • Metadata
  • Pedagogy
  • Communications

Formerly working groups have been set also for eg. electronic literature, quality assessment, statistics and Voyager library system.

In addition to the working groups, an advisory group for the open repository Theseus is working at present.


The open repository Theseus offers online access to the theses and publications of the universities of applied sciences. Publications are available for free as full texts. Theseus is administered by AMKIT Consortium.

The number of documents is growing rapidly, making Theseus the largest open repository in Finland.



AMKIT Consortium publishes online journal entitled Kreodi. The main goal of the journal is to share knowledge, experiences and mutual thoughts from librarians to librarians. The first issue came out in 1999.

The editorial team consists of the editor-in-chief and three regional editors.