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At the moment, there are no ongoing joint UAS library projects. Here are some examples of past projects, which have produced established practices for UAS libraries.

Open Access Project 2007-2009

The Open Access Project aimed at promoting open access publishing at Finnish universities of applied sciences. The project was a collaboration of the AMKIT Consortium and Arene, the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. online journal was first published in January 2008. The journal is targeted particularly to interest groups in the working life. It provides a publication forum for the research and development activities conducted at the universities of applied sciences. The journal was renamed AMK-lehti/UAS Journal in 2011.

Open repository Theseus was created as an electronic platform for theses and publications from Finnish universities of applied sciences. In addition to providing online access for the publications, it provides a solution for their storing.

Theseus is administered by AMKIT Consortium. National Library of Finland is responsible for its technical implementation and maintenance, as well as providing the server space.

Today, Theseus is used by all universities of applied sciences.  In 2014, there are over 70,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s theses uploaded into the repository which makes it the biggest open repository in Finland in full text. Active development of Theseus continues.

Electronic Resources Project 2007-2009

A collaboration of  the AMKIT Consortium and Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences, this project aimed at promoting Information Literacy at Finnish universities of applied sciences. Another goal was to increase the use of online and electronic materials in learning and teaching.

Several concrete tools for Information Literacy education was created in this project:

• Online course materials for information literacy education (in Finnish )
• Guide for the teaching of information literacy
• Information Literacy Indicator – a tool for the evaluation of  information literacy education and learning
• Discover – a campaign for promoting information literacy skills at Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Nelli – National Electronic Library Interface

Nelli is a national information retrieval portal of Finnish libraries and the National Library of Finland. It has improved access to electronic resources, in particular. Nelli portal can be used to direct a search to several different databases. Remote use of the portal is also available.

At UAS libraries the Nelli project started in 2005. Today, the portal is an established part of UAS library services.


Voyager Library System

The adoption of library system Voyager in 2002-2003 was the first large-scale project of the AMKIT Consortium. Cooperation with the National Library of Finland continues today. A Voyager Steering Group has been set by the AMKIT Consortium to coordinate the collaboration.